We have a seating capacity for 80, divided into 4 rustic and cozy dining rooms.

All our rooms are adequately equipped with heating and air conditioning, an entrance and services ready for people with reduced mobility.

In Magadins Vell we also have the necessary equipment (projector, screen and sound equipment) for conventions, business meetings, presentations, …




Outside we have a large parking lot, a covered terrace and a wide garden area.

Our restaurant is just off the road, duly signposted and easily accessible.




Magadins Vell takes into account three very important aspects: reduce consumption (energy savings), opt for more efficient technologies in the use of energy and obtain energy from renewable resources.

Reducing consumption: we have good maintenance of the energy installations, lighting control with led bulbs; we have lines of lighting sectors in order not to consume in vain.


Air conditioning and heating: we believe on preventive maintenance to ensure the detection and repair of breakdowns in the devices. Distribution of air conditioning by rooms to ensure energy savings. The improvement plan in terms of heating and sanitary water has led us to incorporate a biomass boiler to lower the consumption of fossil fuels. Besides we have also reduced CO2 emissions.

Lighting: all the light bulbs in the restaurant are led bulbs; cooking and elaboration areas have led fluorescents.