magadins_vell_inicis_HQThe oldest house of Magadins Vell is situated on the northern bounds of the village of Moià, at the confluence with the old parish of Sant Pere de Ferrerons. Despite the changes that the house has undergone over the centuries, most of the structure at the lower section remains as it was in the 14th and 15th centuries, when there was a farm. It has a double sloping roof, which is partially broken by an open gallery made following a relatively modern style. Its old main façade was oriented at noon but it is now the lateral wall. It has a beautiful portal with voussoirs, built with the characteristic reddish stone of the area.

The first documentary references on Magadins are found in a parchment of the year 1080. The original parchment is located in the Archive of Barcelona (ACB ­ the Archive of the Cathedral of Barcelona) but it is published in the Diplomatarium of the Capitular Archive of the cathedral of Barcelona, 11th century. Volume IV.

The farmhouse of Magadins Vell was acquired in 1951 by Elías Vila and Viñas, the great­grandfather of the current owners. In 1996, after a careful restoration, part of the areas of Magadins Vell were converted into a restaurant. Magadins Vell is just off the road from Moià to L’Estany, among fields and enjoying natural surroundings. It has four rustic and cosy dining rooms, an outdoor terrace, spacious parking and a natural garden to enjoy the open air in comfort.